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Harrop Ferry on the water with forest behind it

Harrop Cable

Plan your Journey

The Harrop Ferry connects the rural communities of Harrop and Procter to Highway 3A.  It is a free “on demand” service, and the crossing time is about 5 minutes one-way.

Harrop Cable map

The Harrop Cable ferry operates 24 hours a day, “on demand”. For safety reasons, ferry service may be cancelled due to weather conditions.

For current ferry and conditions updates, please visit DriveBC.

Crossing Time

Approximate Total Time :  5 minutes


Harrop Cable ferry is a free service.

Travel Information

Harrop Cable Ferry has some travel restrictions. Please contact the Kootenay Lake Ferry office for further information.

Vehicle Restrictions and Cautions

Smoking is not permitted aboard the vessel.

Drivers must be aware of their vehicle height, width and under-carriage limitations and clearances.

The angle of the ferry ramp with the shore ramp may cause difficulties for low clearance vehicles and over-length vehicles such as fifth wheels and motor-homes or long trailers.  Western Pacific Marine Ltd. assumes no risk for the same.

The following will be denied passage:

1.  Vehicles without valid license plates

2.  Vehicles with any excessive oil leaks or with any gasoline leaks

3.  Vehicles cannot shut down the engines for the crossing.

4.  Any unlicensed vehicles (e.g. dirt bikes and ATV’s) must be transported on a licensed trailer or other licensed transport vehicle.

RV/Trailers – road legal are accepted for passage.

Any unlicensed vehicles (e.g. dirt bikes and ATV’s) must be transported on a licensed trailer or other licensed transport vehicle.


There is no priority boarding for motorcycles.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

Foot passengers and cyclists are directed to wait in the appropriate and signed walk-on pre-boarding areas.  Bicycles must be walked on/off the ferry.  Please be mindful of the vehicle traffic embarking and disembarking the ferry.

Children and Safety

Children must be accompanied by parents at all times.  Roller blades, skateboards and other forms of self propelled devices are not permitted to operate on the ramps to/from the ferry.

Horses should be led on and off and the deck may be slippery,  Clean up after your animals.

Transport Regulations

Safety regulations prohibit the transport of gasoline and propane gas in excess of the following quantity:

Recreational vehicles – not more than 2 cylinders of propane safely secured to the vehicle in an upright position with valves closed, plus one only 25-litre gasoline container, empty or full.  Propane-powered refrigerators must have the thermostat control turned to the “off” position.

Automobiles – not more than one 25-litre gasoline container, empty or full.

Motorboats (towed) – not more than two portable 25-litre containers, empty or full.

Oxy/Acetylene – cylinders must be capped and secured in an upright position.

Certain unlisted items are subject to regulations and may not be carried.  If you are in doubt, please call our Kootenay Lakes Ferry Office.

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