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Top view of ferry carrying cars over water

Lasqueti Island

Plan your Journey

Lasqueti Island Ferry is offering foot passenger-only ferry service between the French Creek Government Wharf  at Qualicum Beach (Hwy 19 north of Parksville) and False Bay on Lasqueti Island. Lasqueti Island Ferry is a foot passenger only service. Reserve your stop by clicking button below.

Lasqueti Island map
1. Peak Schedule

Peak Season is the ten-week period from the last Wednesday of June until Labour Day inclusive. During the peak season there will be seventeen round trips each week.

Leave False Bay,
Leave French
08:00 AM09:30 AMXOXXXXO
11:00 AM02:30 PMXOXXXXO
01:00 PM02:30 PMOOOOOOX
04:00 PM05:30 PMXOXXXXX
2.  Non-Peak Schedule

Non-Peak Season is the remainder of the year; there will be fourteen round trips each week. There will be no trips on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In addition, there are five additional sailings each year scheduled at 06:45 PM on Mondays of long weekends that fall between Easter and Thanksgiving

Leave False Bay,
Leave French
08:00 AM09:30 AMXOOXXXO
11:00 AM02:30 PMXOOXXXO
01:00 PM02:30 PMOOOOOOX
04:00 PM05:30 PMXOOXXXX
3. Weather Cancellations
  • When the 05:30 PM sailing from French Creek is cancelled (except Mondays) the ferry will make-up the sailing by departing French Creek the following morning at 06:30 AM.
  • On any Monday, when the 05:30 PM sailing from French Creek is cancelled, the ferry will make-up the sailing by departing French Creek on Tuesday morning at 08:00 AM, and return from False Bay at 09:45 AM carrying passengers in both directions
  • On any Monday, when the 04:00 PM sailing from False Bay is cancelled, the ferry will make-up the sailing by departing False Bay on Tuesday morning at 08:00 AM and retur from French Creek at 09:45 AM. In this situation, the ferry will immediately return to French Creek after discharging passengers at False Bay. If additional passengers are on the False Bay dock at this time, they will also be returned to French Creek.
Crossing Time

Approximate Total Time: 1 Hour, Distance 10 Nautical Miles

  • Please note we do not accept reservations
  • We apologize for the inconvenience, but Lasqueti Ferry is cash-only
  • Departure from French Creek: starting Thursday June 18, 2020, the 09:45 AM departure time is changed to 09:30 AM
A – Peak (Summer) Season (last Wednesday of June to Labour Day, inclusive) 
Fare TypeFares – One Way
(GST included – Cash Only)
Adult$ 12.50
Child (6-12)$ 6.00
Child (Under 6)Free
Senior (65 or Older)**$ 6.00
Uncrated/Uncaged Animals$ 3.25
Crated/Caged Animals$ 3.25
Bicycles$ 4.25
Kayaks$ 16.00
 B – Regular Season (Non-Peak Season) 
Fare TypeFares – One Way
( GST included – Cash Only)
Adult$ 11.25
Child (6-12)$ 5.50
Senior (65 or Older)**$ 5.50
Uncrated/Uncaged Animals$ 3.25
Crated/Caged Animals$ 3.25
Bicycles$ 3.25
Kayaks$ 16.00

** Senior Rate – There is no senior rate on Sundays or Statutory Holidays

Terminal Details
  1. False Bay Wharf, Lasqueti Island
  2. French Creek, Adjacent to boat launching ramp, 2 miles north of Parksville

For More Information, please call the Captain/Crew at 250-927-0431

Lasqueti Freight Information

Dangerous Cargo

No dangerous cargo is permitted.

Freight Capacity/Rates
  • Freight capacity is limited
  • All freight and excess personal baggage must be approved by the crew prior to loading. 
  • Maximum freight length is 14-1/2 ft.
Unattended Freight

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  • Dogs must be kept on the exterior deck, and must be short leashed to the owner, or in a cage, or muzzled.
  • Unattended and/or uncontrolled dogs will not be transported.
Heavy or Bulk Freight Transport
  • For transportation of heavy or bulk cargo, please contact the following barge services:
    Landing Barge, 250-954-5809 (Attn: D’Arcy Henry)

For more information, please phone the Captain/Crew at 250-927-0431

Lasqueti Freight Tariff

All freight service is subject to space available

Please click to view detailed Freight Tariff information.
Base Rates
(before taxes)
ACommercial Freight
1Per cu. ft. or $0.10/lb, whichever is greater1.47
BGeneral Freight
1Personal use over limit, per cu. ft or $0.10 per lb. whichever is greater1.22
2Major appliances (e.g. fridge, stove, washer, dryer, etc), per unit14.74
3Canoes, kayaks, per unit14.74
4Windsurfers, per unit7.86
5Furniture, per cu. ft.1.22
6Tires, no rims, less than 17” in diameter of inside rim, per unit1.96
7Tires, no rims, for truck, 17” and up in diameter of inside rim, per unit7.36
8Tires, no rims, for commercial heavy equipment (e.g. skidder/backhole), per unit14.74
9Tire rim, all sizes, per unit1.22
10Chain Saw, per unit1.47
11Gensets/Pumps – up to 4.5 hp, per unit4.91
12Gensets/Pumps – > 4.5 hp, per unit9.82
13Bicycles – regular season, per unit2.95
14Bicycles – peak season, per unit3.93
15Bicycle trailers, regular season, per unit1.96
16Bicycle trailers, peak season, per unit2.95
17Motorcycles, < 50cc, per unit19.65
18Motorcycles, >= 50cc, per unit24.57
19Outboard motors, < 10 hp, per unit5.89
20Outboard motors, >= 10 hp, per unit9.82
21Hay and Straw in bale, per bale4.91
22Laundry bags, per bag1.22
23Unaccompanied groceries, per cu. ft.1.47
CBuilding supply
1Bagged building supplies, per cu. ft. or $0.05 per lb., whichever is greater1.22
2Lumber, per cu. ft.1.47
3Plywood & Drywall, 4’x8’, ½” or less, per sheet1.96
4Plywood & Drywall, 4’x8’, more than ½”, per sheet2.45
5Plywood & Drywall, irregular size, more than 4’x8’ per sheet2.95
6Insulation in bale, per cu. ft.1.22
7Big “0” pipe, per ft.0.14
8Roll roofing, per roll3.43
9Fencing, per roll4.42
10Roofing bundle, singles, per roll3.43
11Glass, up to 9 sq. ft., per sheet1.47
12Glass, over 9 sq. ft, per sheet2.95
13Windows in Frames, up to 9 sq. ft., each2.95
14Windows in Frames, over 9 sq. ft., each5.89
15Door without frame, single, each3.93
16Door & frame combined, single, each7.86
17Chimney & construction blocks, liners, each2.95
DItems not listed in (B) and (C)Rates in (A) will apply

Travel Information

Land Use Regulations

Lasqueti has land use regulations and a density zoning by-law which regulates residential and commercial buildings and provides guide-lines for community development.

For more information, contact:

Powell River Regional District

The regional district provides Fire Services and the public ramp.  For more information, contact (collect): 604-483-3231.

Area Director: Andrew Fall, 250-333-8595

Medical Services

Lasqueti Island does not have a resident doctor.  For serious injuries there is an ambulance service from Parksville.

Parksville Ambulance, 250-248-3511

Passenger Facilities and Road Safety Tips

Lasqueti Island has no garbage disposal service.  Please take away the refuse that you bring/create.

Public Washrooms

The only public washroom on Lasqueti Island is an outhouse at the Legion Lot.  In compliance with Environment Regulations, ferry washrooms are locked when in dock.


All roads on Lasqueti Island are gravel or dirt.  Drive cautiously and slow down for pedestrians and cyclists. A 30 kph speed limit is in effect for the first 1.2 km.  Remember that 50 km speed limit still creates thick dust.

Fire Permit and Department Information
Fire Department
Fire Permits
  • A permit is required for any burning or campfires after April 15.
  • Contact the Fire Chief, 250-333-8680
Bus/Transport Information

Ferry does not wait for buses arriving at French Creek. Contacts for bus schedules:

Tofino Bus Line
Pacific Coach Lines1-800-318-0818
Lasqueti Island Info

Lasqueti Island, named in 1791 by Spanish Naval officer José María Narváez, commander of the Santa Saturnina,  is an island off the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada.  The island had a population of about 350 and a land area of 73.57 km² (28.4 sq mi).

Currently it is serviced by MV Centurion VII. For more info on Lasqueti Island….

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