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MV Osprey ferry on water with mountains in the background

Kootenay Lake – Balfour

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Balfour/Kootenay Ferry offers ferry services between Balfour Terminal (west side), located 35 km from Nelson, BC on Highway 3A and Kootenay Bay Terminal (east side), located 70 km from Creston, BC on Highway 3A.

Kootenay Lake map

All times are Pacific Standard Time



Vessel NameSummerWinterSummerWinter
Osprey 200006:30 AM06:30 AM07:10 AM07:10 AM
Osprey 200008:10 AM08:10 AM09:00 AM09:00 AM
Osprey 200009:50 AM09:50 AM10:40 AM10:40 AM
MV Balfour10:40 AM11:30 AM
Osprey 200011:30 AM11:30 AM12:20 PM12:20 PM
MV Balfour12:20 PM01:10 PM
Osprey 200001:10 PM01:10 PM02:00 PM02:00 PM
MV Balfour02:00 PM02:50 PM
Osprey 200002:50 PM02:50 PM03:40 PM03:40 PM
MV Balfour03:40 PM04:30 PM
Osprey 200004:30 PM04:30 PM05:20 PM05:20 PM
MV Balfour05:20 PM06:10 PM
Osprey 200006:10 PM06:10 PM07:00 PM07:00 PM
Osprey 200007:50 PM07:50 PM08:40 PM08:40 PM
Osprey 200009:40 PM09:40 PM10:20 PM10:20 PM
  • MV Osprey 2000 is easier to load/unload for RV/Trailers
  • Food Services available on MV Osprey 2000 only
Crossing Time

Approximate Total Time : 35 minutes + 15 minutes of loading/unloading


Kootenay Lake – Balfour ferry service is free

  • MV Osprey:  80 passenger cars, 250 passengers
  • MV Balfour: 28 passenger cars, 150 passengers

For current ferry and conditions updates, please visit DriveBC.

Seasonal Information

Summer Traffic – Peak Periods
  • Cars and trucks are loaded on a first-come first-served basis and for most of the year you will usually get the next ferry after you arrive.  However, on busy holiday weekends and during the peak summer season, the vehicle traffic increases dramatically and ferry sailing waits are not uncommon
  • When approaching the terminals look for ferry line ups along the highway and position yourself accordingly
  • During the peak summer season, the terminals have attendants in high-visibility vests which will direct you into specific lanes for boarding
Winter Pass Closures
  • When Kootenay Pass closes due to avalanche conditions, the MV Osprey will run 24 hours until the pass re-opens.  Check with the Ministry of Highway and Transportation Road Information Website [link to site] for updates.

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